Are you an owner, breeder or trainer?

Most breeders, owners or trainers of racehorses love their horses, respect them and worry about their future once their race career is over.

Until now, the lack of organisations for retraining or cost of the upkeep of a horse have limited solutions for their future.

Depending on the breeder/owner/trainer’s expectations and depending on the horses ability, the Ecurie Seconde Chance can offer the following services:

The reconversion to ridden horse

Is your horse between 3 and a half and 8 years old, healthy, sound, clear and has a good temperament? After our tests, the Ecurie Seconde Chance can welcome your horse in exchange of a symbolic price from 1 to 800€, in order to teach him his new role as a ridden horse.

The horse will be owned by the Ecurie which will pay all the retraining costs. The horse will no longer be a cost for his ex-owner.

Our aim is to find him a loving, caring home for his future after the racecourse.

This is our main service.

From the Parisians "racecourses to the provincials" racecourses

The horse lacks the ability to be a success at the Parisian racecourses.

The owner no longer wants to pay livery and training costs but he would like to give his horse a shot on the Provincials racecourses with a contract, such as "rent" or "sell with royalty fees" (if he is also the breeder, to collect his share).

In this case, the Ecurie Seconde Chance can suggest the horse to it's owners and trainers network.

Exploitation restriction

The owner wants to be certain that his horse will never race again in France.

The Ecurie can take charge of the steps of "exploitation restriction" with France Galop for you.

Retirement livery

The owner wants to keep the ownership of the horse, wants to offer him a happy retirement and the horse doesn’t have the ability of becoming a ridden horse.

The Ecurie can take the horse in livery from 6€ per day, he will be taken great care of.