Personalised services

In addition the Ecurie can offer you:

  • Help and services: You have difficulties continuing the retraining of your horse after buying? The Ecurie Seconde Chance can help you with advice, onsite intervention or by setting up a meeting with an ethology specialist onsite or at the Ecurie. Our ethology specialist, Romain Carrier can help with rider confidence problems, the training or retraining of your horse.
  • Horse delivery.
  • We can continue the retraining of your horse after your purchase (work-livery). You prefer that your horse stays at the Ecurie in order to continue his retraining? We can keep him in "work-livery".
  • We offer training courses for you to continue the retraining work with your horse.
  • Internships at the Ecurie for our customers and their horses to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the horse and rider.
  • Temporary horse livery when you are away (holidays).
  • Brokerage services. If you can’t find your ideal horse at the Ecurie, we can share our network with you. If you are looking for a horse which is ready for competition (eventing, jumping, dressage, etc), we can put you in contact with our professional riders.
  • Cremation service
  • (*Please note these services are not free: Please ask for rates, terms and conditions.)