Our retraining programme


As the Ecurie Seconde Chance has evolved, the company has compiled a genuine retraining programme adapted for each horse.
Our goal is to teach the horse the fundamentals of their new job.

In order to improve our horse’s mind we act on three main axis:

  • Work - learn to go anywhere at the three paces slowly, calmly, serenely and in the right position.
  • Food - exchange the stimulating oats to proteins (to improve frame) and fibres (for the horse's relaxation and to repair his liver).
  • Environment - the horses stay mostly in the paddocks.

The work is organised in four successive steps.

  • Ethological approach with work in hand from the Nicolas Blondeau’ Methods - the horse is desensitized and a code is set up with him.
  • Training on flat ground – position, suppleness, rhythm.
  • Outside training - the horse learns to go outside alone without fear.
  • Jump training - in order to achieve a small obstacle course.

Contrary to the rumours about thoroughbreds, you will be astonished by their kindliness, flexibility and ability to adapt to their environment.