Sylvain Martin - Founder of Ecurie Seconde Chance

Sylvain Martin - Founder
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The Ecurie Seconde Chance was founded and is directed by Sylvain Martin.

From childhood Sylvain has always been close to one of the best human companions, the horse.

Through his love and passion of horses Sylvain has gained great experience participating in several horse sports.

He started with amateur jumping and horseball in a club; then hunting, polo and finally horse racing as an amateur jockey. He is now listed as an amateur trainer.

His involvement in the race world made him aware that many horses, non-graded or retired from races, are still in good health and can fit perfectly as a horse for general riding or amateur eventing.

Far from ecological or vegetarian beliefs Sylvain offers a professional service for racehorse owners who would like a great future for their horse after retirement from the racecourse, that's why Sylvain Martin had the idea of creating a unique concept in France in order to save some of the ex-racehorses by offering them a "Seconde Chance"


Sylvain Martin - Founder of Ecurie Seconde Chance

  • Early 2009: The Ecurie Seconde Chance is born.
  • December 2009: 40 horses have been retrained.
  • January 2010: A reconversion program is set up to be followed by all the horses.
  • February 2010: Creation of 13 paddocks.
  • May 2010: Creation of our website.
  • August 2010: About 110 visitors per day on our website.
  • October 2010: Printing of 20 000 advertising flyers.
  • November 2010: About 200 visitors per day on our website.
  • December 2010: We have retrained 60 horses in the year.
  • February 2011: 2000 fans on the Ecurie Seconde Chance Facebook page.
  • March 2011: 15 horses have been retrained early on in the year.
  • June 2011: 40 horses have been retrained so far and we have over 400 visitors per day on our website.